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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dear [Blank],

Why do you insist on saying the words “or whatever” at the end of everything you say? Do you not know what the word “whatever” means? Every time you say that at the end of your sentence you are contradicting what you previously said. I’ve had people say this every time they tell a story and it drives me mad. If you say that you went skydiving and say “or whatever” at the end of it…well what did you do if you didn’t go skydiving? What is the “whatever”?

Now, I do get why people would be thinking that it’s just a phrase, but honestly, I don’t get why you would say that at the end of your sentence. If you didn’t do the thing you said, then what is it?
It’s a become a pet peeve of mine, and I have restrained from yelling at people for it.
Is this just me, or do you a have a pet peeve about a common phrase commonly used by the populous today?

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