Authors and Publishers

Dear author's and publishers. I would love to review and/or display your books on this blog. For more information visit my Policies/Contact page.


Review Policies:

~I review most books that I read. However, sometimes it does take me some time to read them because of school-I have homework, SATs, I volunteer etc. so please be patient. (These books are those I have currently read since my blog went up, some are older books).

~My reviews can sometimes be very long and sometimes very short. They are MY opinion, 100% what I think. Sometimes I rant and sometimes the book doesn't strike a powerful emotion in me. Remember this is my opinion, I am not like you, so I'm sorry if I have offended the author or their fans in any way.

~I do try my best to be as grammatical as possible, but although I love to write myself, I'm almost always in a rush to get all my thoughts down so I don't always check for mistakes.

~I read both Indie (self-published) and traditionally published novels.

~Series: I do not prefer to read a series out of sequence. If you have a review request that is part of a series I have not read, I do ask that you provide a copy of each of it’s predecessors. This will allow for a more effective review. At this time, I am more likely to accept a series, if it is the first or the second novel.

What type of books I like to review:

~I read almost every type of books. I am particularly fond of YA Fiction (romance, adventure, paranormal, Sci-fi, post-apocalyptic, etc), but I do read nonfiction when I get the chance.

~I’m a big fan of self-published authors - as Jackson Pearce(traditionally published author) once said, “Not all books are published and not all published books are good.” Sometimes publishing companies don’t see the gems they turn down, but I’m super excited that authors can now do it themselves. So if you are self published or have read an indie book, I’d love to read it also!

~~~ I accept all books for reviews. Hardcover, paperback, old, new, e-books. I prefer a hard copies, but if that isn’t possible I now own a Kindle so I'd be happy to review your E-book.

If you would like me to read your book you can find me at any of these places below, however I am most easily reached through my e-mail or Twitter:

                                                                          Twitter: @JessieKnite

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