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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Dear [Blank],

For those who make characters like Bella Swan: stop! Why is every female character in YA fiction seem just like Bella Swan? There is always something wrong with their appearance, when really everyone thinks they’re super hot! Or they have some stupid flaw, or that no one likes them, or they are new to town, or thay have "old souls", or they make really stupid choices, or they are really, really annoying!

Like really? Come on! Not every pubescent teenager thinks like that. Some actually think the world revolve around them-trust me, I know a few kids!

I’m just saying that maybe a character who, I don’t know, actually have a personality would be a great change from the ones I’ve been reading.
So for all you young writers, try techniques that make your characters more 3-d, rather then the flat paper kind.

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