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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Writer's Un-Blocked: What Inspires You?

Recently blogged about where I get my inspiration. This is about what inspires me. Now what inspires me is completely different from where I get my inspiration. Having inspiration is great, but I think being truly inspired means that you have elected to do something with that inspiration. You’ve decided to stop sitting around just thinking about your inspiration and have decided to turn it into something tangible, or danceable, or edible, or readable.
I think you have to want to do something with that inspiration- like write it down or film it, or whatever your medium is- instead of just thinking about it, or finding reasons to put if off.

Being inspired is just a matter of figuring out what’s important to you and just running with it. Even if seems silly and unimportant to others, it just matters how much this idea means to you and whether or not it’s important enough to put your whole self into it.
So, the question is: what inspires you?
Brenda Ueland

1 comment:

  1. Is your definition of "inspired" the same as being motivated?
    If so, very different things inspire me in different ways. Sometimes it's just to know someone is listening...that's the same idea to be the inception of continuing to post things on my blog, and make comments (although in vane).