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Monday, June 27, 2011

Book Review: Halo

Alexandra Adornetto 
★★ ☆☆☆

Reading level: Young Adult
Hardcover: 496 pages
Publisher:Feiwel & Friends
 Halo, sadly to say, was painfully flat. First off, it’s a massive book, just under 500 pages, that moves at a slow pace and goes practically nowhere. Adornetto tries hard to sound professional, but comes across like a dictionary that was blended up, swallowed by an alien, and vomited onto the pages. Yes, details are important, but 100 pages about the set up- although very important to a fantasy novel- is a bit over the top, don’t you think?
Then there is Bethany, the main character. Bethany's naiveté about life on Earth is amusing in the beginning but as the story progresses it begins to sounds…false. Everything seems to come easily to the angels: they are preternaturally good looking, they inevitably excel at everything they do, they glow- literally. And yet, Bethany can't figure out how to talk to other teenagers when they use slang or reference pop culture? She finds herself tongue-tied and completely obsessed by the first (literally the first, I'm serious) good looking boy she sees. What?
On top of that, everything about Halo felt very contrived.
As a teen writer myself I get that she’s trying, but has she read her own book? It sucks!
I had high hopes for this book. I liked the concept of the story and the cover art is amazing. If it had been delivered properly, this would have been an amazing book. It felt clique and… just bad, just really bad. I couldn’t finish it. I got half way and just had to put it down. If it takes forever to get to the main idea of the story, then there is no reason to read the book at all.
Sorry to all of you who loved the book and to Alexandra Adornetto. I wish her the best, but I will not be reading the sequel.
Be warned.

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