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Monday, November 7, 2011

Books I'm Most Greatful For:

Although I never knew it then, after reading “The Girl Who Owned A City” my taste for books changed. No longer could I stand the mundane challenges of normal characters- I needed action, full blown, killer action. (I’m weird, I know). But yeah, I just loved that book, I still do to this day! O. T. Nelson brought a world that was not like our own and created characters who were strong and dependable. This was a great concept with an amazing delivery. I actually remembered pondering what it would be like if I had to take care of my little sisters. At first it would have felt scary, no? If anything, I think this book gave me an insight on a (well not so possible) possibility the universe can come to and showed me how to be a leader in a time of need. Cheesy, I know, but you gotta love this book!
I am extremely thankful for this book because if not this novel, I don’t think I would have loved reading as much as I do. Well, maybe not all that true, there are lots of AMAZING books out there, but still, it sure helped to have amazing books to read to fuel my book obsession.

So a big thanks to my 5th grade teacher, Ms. Ebert, for allowing me to have read this amazing book. We may not have always saw eye to eye on everthing, but at least one good thing came from your class! (And a "B" not being one of them. *nerd alert* XD)

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