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Monday, August 1, 2011

Top Three Books I Hate

I read a lot of books. If I'm lucky, I come close to a hundred on summer vacation. In my travels to the book store,, the library or what have you, I've come across books that have stolen my heart and inspired me to write a multitude of subjects. But, then there are those books that make me wonder, "Why the hell was this published?".

This is the top 3 books that I have (hate is too strong of a word) really really really hate:

3. House of Night serise- Don't get me wrong, this story had lots of potential, but I hated that it was the same damn problem just streched out into hundreds of books. I read to the 4th of 5th book and gave up. It's a book, not a t.v. show!

2. Beautiful Creatures- I got close to half way through the book and gave up. I loved the authors, but the characters sucked! I couldn't get into the story.

And now the book that I just can't stand and I wish it never existed:

1. Halo- Alexandra Adornetto This was a NYTimes bestseller and I've read and seen tons of people say they love this novel, but I HATED it. This story was inconsistant, the character were all stupid and flat, an angel who looked over humans knew nothing about them, pratically no researc done on the author's part-all around I hated it.

I have nothing aganist the authors and I congratulate each one on their success. This is my opinion and I love to read what others have to say about any and every book. Again, this is my opinion. I do not truly "hate" these book, just that I did not find it as amazing as other books that I have read before.

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