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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Excerpt from my Novel...Care to Read?

This is a short part in the novel I am currently writing.

This is copyrighted to me. If you would like to reblog etc. please ask my permission FIRST! Email me at I will hunt you down if you don't. Ok, enjoy.

Maybe it was my imagination, maybe it wasn’t. No, I’m definitely dreaming. It really is the only explanation for what I was seeing. For surely if I were awake I would not be seeing that of which I were seeing, because if what I was seeing was not a dream, then dreams are what I always see and not what is undreamed for my dreaming eyes to see.
The disfigured clown walked toward me. Its deteriorated naked body was solid white, sexless, and bleeding from its eyes, mouth, ears, and back. There were two arrow shaped cuts on the shoulder blades where it bled profoundly. Its arms were bent in impossible positions; both hands had fingers pointing toward me. Its right arm was wounded several times at the elbow and wrist, the bones jutting out; it rested it on its right hip that was pushing through the skin and look like an armrest. The left arm was raised till the elbow was leveled to the shoulder, it too was severely twisted at the elbow and wrist.
Anchoring just feet from me, it dropped to the ground. One leg spread out right to the side of it, the other held the body from touching the ground. Its bald head had two faces. On one side, on the back of the head, was a face of a happy clown, it makeup in clownish perfection, laughing psychotically . The other, that I had originally been staring at, was a face of a wide mouthed creature that barley looked like a clown. It had hollow black eyes and a mouth that gaped open into a dark abyss. It was crying.
The head best down till its chin touched the bony chest. The laughing clown stopped, and it’s face twisted into itself till it disappeared leaving a blank white head. The crying clown threw back it head and began to scream. My ears burned and I tried to cover them. My eyes shut and I fell to the ground screaming along with the clown. When it stopped, I opened my eyes and it was gone. I sat up and looked around me only to see myself staring back.
Mirrors, that were not there before, were set in a circle around me. My reflection flashed lethal smiles at me. It was not my emotions they reflected. I stood up and stared at each of the faces that looked like mine. Each shook its head when my eyes flitted over them and nodded at the one next to it.
Round and round my head turned. Tears began to stream down my face. My arms started to twist at the elbows and wrist, my hair began to fall to the now bloody floor. My clothing fell to the floor and I saw my flesh began to shrink till you could plainly see my bones.
My eyes hollowed out and my mouth dropped open into a gaping black hole. My skin lost it color and I was paper white. I looked into the mirrors and saw what I knew I would see. I was now the disfigured clown. Naked, paper white, sexless, and bleeding from my hollow eyes, ears, and gaping mouth. I could feel my blood running hot down my back. It leaked from my shoulders, flooding down my back. My arms were twisted in strange positions, pointing at the image that looked at me but was not me. Strange, overwhelming emotions surged inside me and my head bent till it touched my deteriorating chest. A laughing face was attached to the back of my head. Something pulled at my stomach, sucking me into sever pain; the laughing clown stopped. I threw back my head and began to scream.

Ok, let me know what you think :)

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