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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Project Tell TAYLOR

Hey, everyone! Ok, so I had heard about Remembrance by Michelle Madow for some time now and I finally decided to get it. And I'm so happy I did- I loved this book! I heard some people said it was like a Twilight remake? That can be so far the truth it isn't even funny. I loved the concept of reincarnation that Madow writes in this book, the love story behind it, everything. But this blog entry isn't about the book, it's about Michelle Madow's "Project Tell Taylor"! Basically, we want Taylor Swift to see how much her song, "Love Story" inspired such a great book. The video above shows how you can help and some prized you can win. (Review for this book will be up soon).

What inspires you?
I actually wrote a blog entry about inspiration, but I can't remember if I ever said what inspires me. And that is: everything. I get inspiration from everyone, everything. Music, movies, books, my family and fiends, situation in school, etc. The list is limitless. But, music has to be my biggest inspiration. I see a story in my head like a movie, and movies have music. See the connection?

Find out more: HERE

Help tell Taylor Swift that her "Love Story" inspired this love story! Remembrance

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