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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Elements of a Short Story:

Sorry, I haven’t done a blog post in a while.(Homework does not usually involve reading book and then blogging about them or other stuff :D) But to make it up, here is a little information for writers etc. Remember, I am not a professional-all information below is what I have acquired through English classes etc. and in no way is THE way for writing, etc. (By etc I mean like drawing and stuff, because I find this information a bit helpful for that also.)

Elements of a short story:

Plot: the storyline or actions and events in a story.

Characters: The individuals in a work of fiction. They can be well developed or they can be minor characters about whom we only know 1 or 2 characteristics.

Theme: The meaning of the work of the life lesson the reader should learn after reading the story.

Conflict: The main struggles or the many struggles a character faces; without conflict there is no story.

Point of View: the angle of perception of the from which the narrator tells the story. The POV affects what a reader knows about the characters and the action of the story.

Setting: The location and time in which the story takes place. Sometimes it is simply the backdrop of the story, but sometimes it factions as a character, influencing the meaning or mood of the story.

Look out for more detailed information of each of these literary elements in blogs to come.

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